Anonymous said: Yeah I know I sound crazy haha I'm sorry I just haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I woke up. It felt real.

What did the personal stuff pertain to?

Anonymous said: Yeah it was strange you told me a lot of personal stuff going on and I feel like I know you a lot now when I really don't. Dreams are odd.

Personal stuff?

Anonymous said: This may sound weird but you were in my dream last night. You were my bartender. Haha and other things.

Hah funny. I want to get into bartending eventually. Other things?

Anonymous said: Do you write these things on your blog? I quite like it, who are they about if I can ask? :p

I do! I use this mainly for song ideas to free up space in my notes on my phone. Not particularly about anyone but I do write about experiences I’ve had and others.


The greatest stories ever told
Were the ones straight from your lips
And how you love to twist the truth so tight
It tangles and it rips
Does it feel better to make the world think that you had no part in this
That a beggar becomes a thief
Just for the hell of it.

With your innocent eyes
You’d say that life could not be better
But with your sweet sweet tongue
You’d taste the lips of another stranger
And I’d grown accustomed to this weather
Forgive and forget, if you will
But we are birds of different feathers

I know that I was not the masterpiece
Of them all
But goddamn did my colors show
Once they dried and sunk deep on the wall.
I’ll let you speak and say everything you want
It’s all just a part of your show
And like your stories from some time ago
You’ll repeat and retreat, as you know.

Anonymous said: .



He is Legend - Be Easy

You got two faces. Which one do you wanna wear sweetheart? If I were your heart, I’d feel pretty broken.

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Anonymous said: The damien rice one ??

Ohhh yea. I’ll get on it.